LASER Cutting-Bending-Calendering


Manual (MIG-MAG)-Robotised

Moulding and CNC processing of laminates and furniture tube

Bonaldo orlando S.r.l., a metalwork company capable of giving shape to customers' ideas. We create pieces on commission or designed in-house in collaboration with the customer, guiding them to the most appropriate choice for the creation of the piece. Bonaldo orlando S.r.l. has been at your side, in the metalworking and carpentry sector, since 1989.

We provide the customer with the service of a subcontractor, but also design and construction services of the single component up to the finished product. The constant updating of the personnel and the machine fleet enables Bonaldo Orlando S.r.l. to ensure fast production with very high quality standards ahead of the times.

ISO 9001:2000 certification is the result of the company's continuous commitment to perfecting its quality standards.

The core business

The use of Trumpf lasers allows us to perform fast and high quality cuts up to 25mm thick. The bending department, adjacent to the laser one, processes the sheets in a short time using state-of-the-art machines.
The moulding and shearing department has a large machine fleet with the possibility of producing pieces that require a force ranging from 35 to 800 tonnes.
Automatic cutting lines allow us to cut the single bar or the package with a maximum size of 520 x 520 mm. The bending department makes curves of all kinds using machines such as the Amob EMOB 52 L/R.
More than 20 welding stations, both manual and robotic, give the department the opportunity to use the best solution for every welding need. The robots, equipped with a table change, allow processing times to be optimised.
The use of machining centres with machining tables up to 870 x 3,500 and very recent lathes with automatic loading allow the department to create very complex mechanical parts, but also to be an important appendage for mould repairs.
Bonaldo Orlando Srl
Bonaldo Orlando Srl
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Our location

Registered office: Via Cognaro, 57/a in S. Maria di Sala (VE)